Posted on: 16th December 2020


This line of smart kitchen faucets provides the extra set of hands everyone needs in the kitchen. Offering useful benefits – like precise measurements, exact temperature and unlimited personalized presets–and voice-activation technology, you can use new ways to activate your faucet to simplify everyday tasks at the sink.

You walk into the kitchen to prepare a baby bottle but your hands are already full holding your little one. With just a few words, your faucet provides the perfect amount and temperature of water–no more balancing act. Whatever your daily challenges may be, Moen can help you conquer them by delivering personalized and intelligent products for the hardest working area of your house. The U by Moen™ Smart Faucet offers convenience, precision and intuitive voice-activation technology to help complete tasks in the kitchen

positioned at the front of the faucet turns water on or off with a simple hand movement.

Imagine asking your tap to dispense 150ml of warm water. Controlled by Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, the U by Moen provides any volume of water up to 20 litres and at precise temperatures. It also works manually.

Control your faucet in four different ways. Use your voice, hand motion, or the Moen Network app and control water without ever touching your faucets handle.


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