Kitchen storage

Posted on: 20th May 2020

Kitchen storage has always been a bug-bear for many so here are a few sensible options you can utilize in your kitchen.



Roll out pantry

For larder units

A roll-out pantry doesn’t require as much space as a walk-in pantry. The slim pantry just slides out next to your kitchen cupboard. Cans, dried goods, and other items can all be stored within its shelves. How much you can store depends on the width of your current kitchen cabinets, but it’s usually a pretty impressive amount.


Internal drawer systems

For tall larder units

Instead of the chrome pantry pull-outs, another option is to have a stack of Blum internal drawers to gain easy access to cans and dried goods.


Magic corners

For corner base units with those hidden dark areas where things get lost and never seen again.

The solution to maximizing the potential dead unit space in a kitchen is to install a magic corner unit instead.

To start off with, many of you may have a corner base unit in your existing kitchen where you basically have to lie down to get into the far end of it, to retrieve the items that you only use now and again. These units are great for the mass storage of items but not so great for From the outside, a magic corner unit looks like any other unit and unfortunately, no actual magic is used when the unit is opened, but the whole contents of the magic corner unit do come out towards you for easy access, which I kind of guess is magic! Retrieving them!

In total there are 4 trays in the magic corner unit, 2 are attached to the unit door that comes out to meet you and the other 2 trays are positioned inside the unit where the door was, just before you opened it.

You do get a little less usable space in the unit because of the mechanism but the ease of use more than makes up for this.

Magic corner doors pull forward about 10 inches then move to the side. The door and the mechanism open into the kitchen area and away from the corner post and fully open at a slight angle; this ensures that handle clashing can be avoided.


Pull-out bin

Free up extra space in your kitchen and get a much more streamlined look by incorporating your bin into the kitchen cabinetry. Pull-out bins which are installed in cabinets near your prepping area





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Kitchen storage

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