SCE81925TS Frost Free Integrated Fridge Freezer

Posted on: 6th June 2020

SCE81925TS Frost Free Integrated Fridge Freezer 188.4 cm A++


The MultiSpace 8000 fridge-freezer provides more capacity than standard designs by including additional storage into the top of the unit. And with an adjustable interior, this fridge is the most versatile way to preserve ingredients.

The next level of fridge capacity - MultiSpace

Innovative MultiSpace, this fridge-freezer provides more storage capacity, thanks to the extra height. Taller than standard uses all the space at the top. Smart space solutions and an adjustable interior give you more ways to store ingredients.

Adaptable for every taste, with CustomFlex®

Keeping all your fresh ingredients to hand is key to creating fresh, delicious dishes. With CustomFlex® you can organize your fridge storage just the way you want. Rearrange bins quickly and easily to maximize storage space. The fridge that adapts after your taste.

Fridge space. Adapted seamlessly with FlexiShelf

Experience flexible fridge storage with the FlexiShelf. The front section slides seamlessly underneath the remaining segment to accommodate taller items.

Every shelf evenly chilled. With DynamicAir

DynamicAir maintains a constant airflow to guarantee a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator. Every shelf evenly chilled to preventing warm zones. Prohibiting bacteria growth. Preserving fresh ingredients.

Manage functions and temperature with Electronic Control

Electronic control gives you the ability to make precise modifications of the temperature and other storage functions. This efficient Fridge Freezer also gives you instant feedback of your adjustments on the digital control panel.  For more information contact

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SCE81925TS Frost Free Integrated Fridge Freezer

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